Thursday, January 1, 2009

In-Laws, Sheesh!

So, as most of you know if you read the previous blog, one of my main new years resolutions was to stop cussing. So far, it's not turning out as I planned.
We went to bed at 3 am, and at 8 this morning, our door bell was ringing, Thomas went to go see who it was, and it turns out to be his dumb ass brother curled up in the fetal position on our front porch...acting like he was freakin' dying.
He kept saying, help me, I'm cut (apparently he got in a fight and the other guy pulled a knife) -So I'm thinking he got stabbed, because of the way he's talking, and laying there, so I say, "I'm going to call 911"- and turn to walk away, and then Jeremy freaks out and says "no, don't call" Turns out just his hand was cut...but I didn't see it. Anyway...they (him, his girlfriend, and her two kids, plus the one they just had together) live in Jacksonville...why the hell he drove all the way down here to our front porch, I have no clue.
Turns out some guy started saying stuff to him about his girlfriend, they got in a fight, he loaded every one up (I'm assuming he was drunk, can't figure a sober person doing any of this) heads down this way, and then apparently got even more pissed and started taking it out physically and verbally on his girlfriend infront of the kids.
So needless to say, my tired, hung over ass isn't dealing with this too well. I think I've used the F word more the first day of this year, than I did in all of last year.
His brother is so stupid, and needs to be in prison, at least in there he can't fuck up his kids lives.
My new years night on the other hand was nice.. I got to spend it with my dad. We had to take him back to the airport today...who knows how long it will be before I see him again. I hadn't seen him for a year until a few days ago.
Anyway, I had to vent...that's what these things are for right????
Hope everyone had a safe new years.

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  1. Sorry your first day was a bust. If I makes you feel any better someone brought homemade brownines to the party last night and i've spent my day trying to finish them. We still have 364 days to get back on track. Just be thankful they live in Jacksonville and can't f-up your live everyday =)